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Since MGQ’s fourth line-up change in 2016, the quartet have continued to blaze new trails in Australia’s musical landscape. Carving out a reputation for unique and diverse curated concert programs, award-winning performances and establishing new repertoire for guitar quartet, MGQ have anchored themselves as one of Australia’s leading ensembles.

At the time of MGQ’s formation in 2005, one of the driving forces behind the quartet was the use of the guitar family concept. As heard on MGQ’s three previous recordings, this concept comprises a collection of highly-unique instruments of innovative design and construction. Pioneered by the late Australian luthier Graham Caldersmith OAM in 1986, the development of classical bass, baritone and requinto (treble) guitars were forged, extending beyond the range of the standard classical guitar. With this development, came the expansion of guitar chamber music repertoire, spearheaded by internationally celebrated Australian guitarist Timothy Kain AM commissioning the first ever works for his guitar family quartet Guitar Trek in 1987.  

Nearly 35 years later, the guitar family continues to inspire commissioned works and ignite new arrangements for this wonderfully unique set of instruments, as represented on this recording. MGQ are immensely grateful that this recording features some of the last instruments to be built by Graham and we are truly humbled that his voice will always reside with us at every rehearsal and performance.

This one’s for you mate.


Fratres - Arvo Part

River and Cliffs - Robert Davidson

String Quartet No 3, "Mishima" - Philip Glass

String Quartet No 4 - Peteris Vasks

Run time: 55mins

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