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Melbourne Guitar Quartet

"Winter in the Forgotten Valley" Promo

“The Melbourne Guitar Quartet are a brilliant addition to Australia’s musical landscape. Their combination of innovative arrangements and superb ensemble playing is a joy to listen to. This is exactly what the classical guitar world needs.” Slava Grigoryan - Famed Classical Guitar Virtuoso & Director of the Adelaide International Guitar Festival

How does a House Concert work?

  •  It doesn't cost you anything! Since you are providing the venue and audience, we don't want to ask any more from you!
  • Each guest is privately invited by you. We require a minimum of 25 people for a house concert to go ahead. 
  • You will be sent a private event page you can share with your family and friends. This will have a secret ticket link for them to reserve their seat. They can contribute any amount they wish, we don't have a set fee although we do suggest a $25 donation per person.
  • An affordable and unique way to experience quality live music!

“One of the best recordings of my music” Robert Davidson - Leading Australian Composer

“Melbourne Guitar Quartet gives a fresh interpretation (of Omphalo Centric Lecture), rhythmic vitality and a groove that would put many percussion ensembles to shame.” Nigel Westlake - Preeminent Australian Composer

What's on the menu?

Winter in the Forgotten Valley celebrates the work of some of Australia’s leading composers who established and nurtured the quintessence of Australian guitar music. 

This highly unique program is a rare opportunity to experience Australian guitar music and is well suited for admirers of not only Australian works but all chamber music enthusiasts. 

From Nigel Westlake’s rhythmic and colourful Winter in the Forgotten Valley to Robert Davidson’s incredibly evocative River and Cliffs, MGQ explores a landscape of hypnotic interweaving textures, pulsating bass lines and rhythmic vitality; the blend of bass, baritone, standard and treble guitars in Phillip Houghton’s tour de force, News From Nowhere is pure enchantment. Revisiting their acclaimed arrangement of Westlake’s life affirming Omphalo Centric Lecture, culminates in a highly energetic and vibrant celebration of a pioneering all-Australian program set to inspire and thrill.  

"Wow! Just wow! I never knew the guitar could sound like that! It was like we had an entire orchestra in our loungeroom. Our guests, Andrei and I were simply blown away! We do hope you can come back again!" - Jane Dimov, VIC

"What a splendid evening! Fine music and fine company, what more could we ask for?" - Paul Dean, VIC

"This is such a great concept! We have been long time fans of you guys and I still can't believe we had THE Melbourne Guitar Quartet perform in our home! I'll never forget this experience" - Barry Cohen, VIC 


Why do we love House Concerts so much?

  • They are intimate! It is the perfect environment to hear the beautiful tones of a classical guitar!
  • We love meeting and chatting with audiences, and in a House Concert, we feel like we really get to know you!
  • We can share a drink and conversation after the show!
  • We get to perform to a highly engaged audience!
  • They are inclusive, which is how we believe music should be! 

Further information?

  • Afternoon or evening
  • Must be within a 90min drive of Melbourne CBD
  • We need a performance area of at least 4m x 2m