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The Melbourne Guitar Quartet’s vision includes a strong commitment to educating the younger generation of classical guitarists about guitar chamber music. We believe classical guitar ensemble playing is in a unique position in its development. With the innovative instruments of the guitar family, performing the music of the great masters of the western musical canon is now possible. MGQ recognises that this new exciting genre opens educational and career path options for young aspiring classical guitarist’s that has never existed before.


MGQ can present for your school an informal, educational and inspiring workshop/performance suitable for all musicians, not only classical guitarists. With the quartet’s repertoire drawn from the great masters of western music as well as Australian contemporary composers such as Westlake and Davidson, the workshop is accessible to all. This flexibility plays a vital role in the education of the wider musical community in the developing genre of classical guitar family ensemble playing.

The Melbourne Guitar Quartet do not just shine as four very talented musicians, but dazzle as an ensemble that is greater than its parts. Our students were not only thralled by the level of musicianship, but completely engaged by their seminar that ranged from the Baroque to contemporary Australian works. Highly recommended

Lindsay Brunston
Genazzano FCJ College

Student Workshop at St. Patrick's in Ballarat

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