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The Melbourne Guitar Quartet are a brilliant addition to Australia's musical landscape. Their combination of innovative arrangements and superb ensemble playing is a joy to listen to. This is exactly what the classical guitar world needs.'

Slava Grigoryan 2010

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The guitar family is to the guitar world what the string quartet is to the string world. Repertoire creation for this trail blazing genre is central to the Melbourne Guitar Quartet’s mission, and is an exciting development in the guitar - playing scene.It will pave the way for future generations of classical guitar quartets in Australia and internationally.

MGQ’s passion, experience and dedication ensures that whichever music they turn their hands to receives the utmost attention to detail. Preservation of the inherent musical characteristics and enhancement of the music is paramount in their arrangements. Whether it is an arrangement of a modern Australian work or a re-modelling of a traditional chamber work, MGQ surpasses the limitations of standard guitar ensemble performance and brings the music to life in a new light with the instruments of the guitar family. Composers are often completely surprised to find out that their works translate so effectively in this idiom. On hearing Omphalo Centric Lecture for marimba quartet, Nigel Westlake writes:

…I would never have imagined that Omphalo could work so well in this context, and it is testament to the MGQ’s perseverance, attention to detail and technical excellence that this performance sings with all the energy & joy that was the inspiration behind the original composition almost 30 years ago.’

Nigel Westlake June 2010

Guitar performance is set to transform with MGQ at the helm. Join them on their ground - breaking journey of creating new repertoire for guitar quartet.